• myblueyzcu
    My two unvaxxed children are homeschooled. However, I still want to obtain a medical exemption due to medical histories (I have the proof/medical records and histories to substantiate the exemption). However, I just switched doctors because my old doctor (who is an MD but she practices holistic medicine) is about to retire. So I found a new one and she is willing to do an exemption but she needs the verbiage to put into the letter because she has never done one. Can someone PLEASE share their medical exemption letter so that I can give her an example? I want this for the future if the government attempts to do mandatory vaccines or if we have medical needs and it's not with our doctor.
  • Shena McLelland
    I have one that a California doctor gave me but it’s for uni students and it’s quite legalistic. I’m based in the U.K. but my daughter is at uni on a sports scholarship and our doctor here has given her medical exemption but the uni are insisting that she’s vaccinated by January 1. I’m cautious about using the letter I have in case it’s too strong but equally would like advice as maybe that’s what works? Happy to share content of the letter. How do I do this?
  • myblueyzcu
    Hi Shena. Thank you for your offer. It sounds like it may be more than I need. But I would like to see it. Perhaps it'll give the doctor an idea. Please feel free to send it to . Thank you so much for your help!

    If anyone else has a simpler letter, I would still love a copy, if you are willing to share.
  • myblueyzcu
    P.S. I'm so sorry for the lateness of this post. I wasn't aware that there were any responses to my post!
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